Just about every playground is unique in design unless, of course, one orders equipment from a catalog.   In over 15 years I think I can count on one hand the numbers of times a client has ordered playground equipment from a catalog.  So what makes a playground memorable?  Honestly, it's the kids playing on them.  The kids themselves are building memories.

Ridge Road Park, Greenburgh, NY

Ridge Road Park, Greenburgh NY Westchester County

This wheelchair accessible playground is 100% accessible and was designed for Westchester County Planning.  Several hundred kids a day can be found on this playground and it deserves special recognition because if is all-inclusive with accessibility.  This means a lot of ramps - all ramps!  It requires more space and a big budget but this is the direction I'd like to see all playground design move towards.  More ramps!

This unusual design is certainly interesting with a focus on climbing.  Note the use of wood chips and poured in place rubber safety surfacing.  The rubber PIP material is placed on the access points and heavy traffic areas that normally get "dished out".  This can cut down on the maintenance and it certainly keeps the costs down but the wood chips need to be replenished as needed.

Making Each Playground Memorable