New York Playgrounds was a site I had to create because, let's face it, this is the 21st Century and I'm not completely crazy.  One day it occured to me I was in a business and if I didn't have a site - I was out of mind - and out of my own mind.  I have built and taken down a few sites over the years, starting in 2003. 

In the beginning:

Probably like you, I first fell in love with playgrounds when I was a kid.  And then, for a long time, they didn't mean a thing to me.  I've always been physically active - played a lot of tennis, baseball, softball, even a bit of golf and racquetball.  An avid outdoorsman, hiker and camper, I don't like to sit around.  But the idea of going to a playground just wasn't on my radar.  That all changed when my son was born.  We were, after all, in New York City, the playground capital of the world. 

I took a year off from my daily grind on Wall Street and one day the phone rang.  An old friend from high school working as an accountant with a playground company told me they needed someone to manage their contractors and customer service department.  It sounded like an interesting change of pace as I had recently taken a house about an hour north of the City and I'd no longer have to commute.  By now it must be painfully obvious I took the job.  From there, the big commercial playground companies somehow heard about me and started making recruiting efforts.  Without hesitation I entered the business for real by becoming a regional rep for a well-known firm.  This required me to learn AutoCAD and the theory of playground design.  I had to ttake acrash course and get certified by the National Playground Safety Institute (NPSI).  Do you really want to know all of this?  Of courtse not.  But I do get asked from time to time and if I told you to go to my website to hear my story, well, thanks for dropping by and getting this far. 

I assure you, life as a playground designer is never dull.  My favorite thing about the job is hearing the screams and shouts from the children as they race to discover their new playground on opening day.  Truth is, I'm so busy I rarely get to attend ribbon cuttings but I make every effort wehen I can.  It's the kind of ribbon-cutting ceremony that makes one not just proud of the work being done, but of all those it takes to get a playground financed and built.  It's a memorable team effort. 

John P. Graziano, CPSI

Playground Design Consultant for American Recreational Company

Playground Inspections

Design Sales Installation Inspection

Anything with Recreation including Custom Site Furnishings, Shade Systems, Shelters, Sprayparks, Skate parks, Safety Surfacing

Certified Playground Safety Inspector

National Playground Safety Institute

I get asked alot: "How did you get into playgrounds?"  One word ..."Serendipity."